Airline Fashion Nosedives, Cost-Cutting To Be Blamed

Airline Fashion Nosedives, Cost-Cutting To Be BlamedMost Fashion experts feel that Airline Fashion has nosedived in recent years, but that is to be blamed on cost-cutting as airlines try to be competitive. Few years back flying was indeed a novelty, but that’s no longer the case.

No wonder, chic steward dresses are giving way to simple airline uniforms, for most airlines, at least the budget carriers.

When most low-cost carriers started their services in India in the mid-2000s, their uniforms were mostly westernized as they wanted to differentiate themselves from the national carrier. But after being in the country for around a decade, most are opting for uniforms that are more practical at work.

Rising pressure on bottomlines is obviously the main reason for this change. Here are some of the carriers that have switched over to simple attire for the crew:

  • One Indian airline did away with time-consuming hair-dos for its female crew and asked them to wear wigs instead
  • Most airlines are switching to simple trousers and tunics for the female staff, or just a one-piece tunic…a single garment that is light and easy
  • Air India replaced its elegant chiffon saris with sensible trousers, kurtis and churidars, designed more for efficiency
  • Most airlines are now moving from designer uniforms to simple clothes that’s more about performance, the uniforms now are practical and comfortable that allow for movement

There’s no more tie-ups with high-end fashion designers, uniforms now are developed in-house to save money.

The emphasis today is definitely not on dolling up (and giving models a run for their money) but on doling out sandwiches.

What do you guys think about this change?