Was Sussanne Khan Holidaying with Hrithik in London?

Recently there were pictures in the media showing Sussanne khan together with Hrithik Roshan in London. The two broke up some time back, so when they were spotted together, there were rumours that the former couple could reunite again.

However Sussanne completely denied the reports saying “It surprises me how quickly the press likes to reach conclusions about my life. Hrithik and I are parents first and have to be in-sync regarding our priorities as parents in order to make sure our boys get the best upbringing.

So the two of us having lunch with them doesn’t mean we are holidaying together. Hrithik happened to be in London at the same time for a few days as I had to take over the boys from him, for my holiday with them.”

Shocking Bollywood Celebrity Divorces: Love Marriages With Sad Ending

Its common for most Bollywood actors to hide their marriages, because most of them think that it will impact their career. But even more shocking is when you hear about Bollywood celeb divorces; especially when the couple seemed to be a very happy couple and have been together for several years.

Here we take a look at the famous Bollywood celebrity divorces, some of which made big headlines.

Karisma Kapoor-Sunjay Kapur

As per the latest news, the couple seem to have reached financial settlement, and are working on the visitation formalities concerning their children. When Karisma Kapoor’s marriage with Abhishek Bachchan was called off, Karisma was devastated and married businessman Sunjay Kapur in a hurry. However, after the couple had two kids, everyone thought that all was well with their marriage. However, that was not to be. What seemed to be a happy marriage has ended on a very bitter note.

Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Roshan

This one was indeed shocking as the couple made a cute pair and they had lovely children – Hrehaan and Hridaan. Nobody expected them to go separate ways. Even more shocking was the rumor that Sussanne had asked for an astronomical amount as alimony, which Hrithik Roshan denied. Latest buzz on this is that Sussanne Roshan is planning to relocate to Dubai to start life afresh.

Aamir Khan–Reena Dutta

Aamir Khan being a private person this didn’t make big headlines. Its because the Aamir and Reena Dutta (Aamir Khan’s childhood sweetheart) are still cordial after the split. Aamir had hidden his marital status when ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ was released; his fans only came to know about his marriage later on.

What shocked everybody was that Aamir Khan got married to a much younger woman Kiran Rao. Aamir’s kids – Junaid and Ira live with ex-wife Reena.

Saif Ali Khan–Amrita Singh

Something didn’t look right about the couple even when they got married. Everybody was surprised by their decision to get married. the couple also had an age gap of 12 years between them. Saif is now married to Kareena Kapoor, whereas Saif’s kids Sara and Ibrahim live with their mother Amrita.

Chitrangada Singh–Randhawa

Chitrangada Singh married Golfer Jyoti Singh but her filmi aspirations got her to Mumbai. Soon cracks began to surface in their relationship and the duo finally got separated in 2014.

Manisha Koirala–Samrat Dahal

Not many are aware that the Nepali girl Manisha Koirala is now divorced (everybody knows that she recovered from cancer). In 2010, Manisha Koirala married businessman Samrat Dahal but her free spirited nature came in their way and soon the couple separated. Manisha was later detected with cancer and left for the US for treatment.

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