25 Adorable Bollywood Celebrity Pets: Kutta Mat Bolna…

Bollywood Stars & their Celebrity Pets: See what breed of dogs & cats our stars own, and how much they love their pets. And if you’re the lucky one to get an opportunity to see some of these stars with their pets, don’t you dare use the word ‘Kutta’, especially when Salman Khan is around. Here we take a look at the various Bollywood celebrity pets, including Salman Khan’s French Mastiff’s.

Bollywood Celebrity Pets, Dogs & Cats

For some, the breed of pet does matter and are ready to fork out big amount of money for their preferred dog. For others, its more of emotional decision (perhaps their earlier dog was of a particular breed), and for some its just pure love for dogs or cats (breed doesn’t really matter). Irrespective, for all our Bollywood stars these are their loyal and best friends.

Bollywood Celebrity Pets, Dogs & Cats Though we may refer to these pets as dogs and cats, but for our Bollywood celebs their pets are like their family. They are always there to cheer them up and give them company, when the chips are down.

The fact that Salman has named his pets ‘Myson’ and ‘Myjaan’ gives you an indication of how much they love their pets.

For the uninitiated (and for readers from foreign countries), ‘Kutta’ means dog in the hindi language, and its one of the several hindi language words, which could also mean an abuse (similar to pig, which is known as ‘sooar’ in hindi). That’s why many people in India take an offence when you call their dog a ‘dog’ (particularly when you use the hindi word).

Here we take a look at some of the celebrity dogs & cats!

The pets/breed that these stars own say a lot about the star themselves, and usually compliment their lifestyle. For instance, Salman Khan has a black Great Dane, a large breed that goes well with Sallu’s ‘status’ & ‘ego’.

amitabh bachchan piranha dane
Big B’s pet dog Shanouk is a Piranha Dane and used to love spending time with the dog. Sometime back, Mr. Bachchan had tweeted about his pet dog’s photoshoot for a magazine cover, and how he has been feeling ignored ever since Abhishek and Aishwarya had a baby.

salman khan french mastiff
Salman is possessive about his dogs and loves the breed ‘French Mastiff’ as they grow up to be strong and imposing dogs, just like his personality. His former pet dogs Myson and Myjaan were French Mastiffs but unfortunately they passed away.

Salman then owned two other dogs called Myson (named after his first pet) and Mylove. Salman also owns other pet dogs whom Salman has named Mowgli (Labrador Retriever), Saint (St. Bernard), Mylove (Neapolitan Mastiff), & Veer (French Mastiff).

The Bollywood bachelor says, “From my dogs, I learn patience and forbearance. The unconditional love that they teach me to share is timeless and beautiful. Love like this is the highest kind of love.” I’m sure all the ladies in Salman’s life would wish Salman had said something like this to them, and had given even 10 percent of the affection he showers on his dogs.

In case you wish to own this breed of dog (French Mastiff), remember that these dogs are very strong and also high maintenance. They cost around 3000 US dollars (around Rs. 170,000) and in elite circles, are usually considered as status symbols.

salman khan dogs breed

salman khan dog breeds

salman khan dogs

SRK dogs
SRKs lapdog of Japanese breed, named Dash. He also has three more pet dogs named Hulk (labrador), Juicy and Kai (Maltese breed).

SRK feels that animals can sense that you are sad and whenever he gets depressed, his dogs are there to give him company. And when it comes to trust, SRK trusts his dogs the most.

priyanka chopra dogs
Priyanka’s dog “Brando”, named after the Hollywood star Marlon Brando. As per rumours, piggy chops is all for dogs and is scared of cats.

Ajay Devgn dogs
Ajay Devgn with his German Shepherds — Koko and Koki. They like to chill with Ajay when he’s reading the morning papers. You’ll see Ajay subconsciously patting them occasionally with one hand as he leafs through the papers with the other.

Arjun Rampal Pet dogs
Arjun Rampal with his dogs: GANGSTA AND Chinese pug (named MUSCLES)

Imran khan dogs
Imran Khan owns two labradors – Kajri and Tony

Hrithik roshan Pet dogs
Hrithik Roshan with his dog PUGGY

shilpa shetty pekingese dogs
Shilpa shetty with her stylish Pekingese dog, named “Champagne”, and also has two other cats of Persian breed.

Fardeen Khan's dogs
Fardeen Khan’s dogs are named Tiger and Gunda! Fardeen was once bitten by Tiger when he was teasing him with a bone.

Tusshar's dogs
Tusshar Kapoor with his dogs, one of them is named “Whiskey”.

Esha Deol Pet Pooch
Esha Deol is a big pet lover, here’s her pet pooch – Piccola, whom she also calls ‘Darling’.

Rekha's pet dog
Rekha with her former pet dog Pisti. After Pisti’s death, Rekha adopted another pet dog Shiva.

Manisha Koirala's Persian cats
Its not all dogs in bollywood, here’s Manisha Koirala with her two Persian cats.

Zarine Khan's cool cats
Zarine Khan also likes cats, she owns two cute cats.

koena mitra's toy breed dogs
Koena Mitra has got seven puppies, belonging to the toy breed, which she has got them from abroad.

shiamak davar's labrador dog
Shiamak Davar (dancer, choreographer) has a Labrador, named Elsa. He often travels by train to accompany his pet.

Gul Panang pet dog - Beagle
Former beauty queen Gul Panag, has a cocker spaniel (named Milo) and a beagle (named Vegas). She often takes her dogs along for trekking and camping across the country.

Vir Das English Bulldog
Vir Das (Comedian) has a English bulldog, whom he calls Dr. Watson. Vir says about his pet: “Its the most wonderful thing to come home to a smiling face. Even if it is wrinkly and with bad breath”.

Labrador Shreyas Talpade
Shreyas Talpade (Iqbal & Golmaal fame), has two labradors – Don and Knight.

Television stars with their favorite cats & dogs

Television stars with their cats & dogs

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Do you own any of these pets? Let us know if they throw any STAR tantrums?