Bollywood Goes for Expensive Destinations In Search of Virgin Locations

Bollywood Goes for Expensive Destinations In Search of Virgin Locations Bollywood is going through an exciting phase where different kinds of movies are getting made. And for the right kind of movies, budget is not a constraint if it adds to the overall character of the film. Besides, filmmakers are also quite keen to present virgin locations to the audience.

The fact that countries are rolling out the red-carpet to Indian filmmakers (to promote tourism) only encourages production houses to explore more locations.

Does It Get Expensive?

Yes, some of the locations can be quite expensive, but then the reach of Bollywood is expanding.

Today producers have access to more markets and access to multiple revenue streams, so some of them can definitely afford to shoot at exotic locations, without worrying much about the expenses.

Filmmakers are also aware that the look of a film today is as important as its content.

Dil Dhadakne Do team at Spain & France in Europe…
Dil Dhadakne Do team at Spain & France in Europe

Is it the Incentives That Attract Them?

Most foreign countries offer incentives/rebates to Indian filmmakers to shoot at their locations. Although such offers are indeed tempting, filmmakers nowadays are not just attracted by the rebates (unlike before).

Filmmakers don’t mind spending big money to shoot at a particular location, if they feel it will add value to their project, even if that country offers NO rebates; Bollywood today is ready to forego the sops from local authorities.

Broadening the Audience Base

This is another important reason that productions don’t mind filming at virgin locations. It provides them with the opportunity to tap an unexplored market, and convert them into an audience base for their films!

This is one method which has worked quite well for Bollywood in recent years, and producers will continue to do so in order to broaden their audience base.

Familiarity Helps In Certain Cases

Although Bollywood gets the royal treatment at several top-end destinations nowadays, especially if the film has a big star cast, some production houses are not rushing to them all. Some of our producers prefer shooting in familiar areas, as it becomes more convenient for them to plan their shoots and also to hire local talent.

Virgin Locations in Recent Years

Move aside London, New York, Switzerland & Europe (the predictable ones)…Bollywood now has the skyline of Gold Coast City, deserts of Namibia, Bahamas, Jordan, the architecture of Prague and the Grand Bazar of Istanbul as the new backdrops.

And its only going to get varied as Bollywood hunts for more virgin locations.