Bollywood Movies Filmed in Belgium

bollywood in belgium Several Hollywood movies have been shot in Belgium in places like Brussels‎, Bruges‎, Antwerp‎ but not many Bollywood films have been filmed in this country. That is probably one of the reasons that some Indians, especially those who don’t live in the metros, probably may not be aware that its located in Europe.

However, that may no longer be the case, as the Raju Hirani directed movie ‘Peekay’ (P.K.) starring Aamir Khan had some scenes that were shot in Belgium. However, those scenes didn’t feature Aamir Khan. The scenes between Sushant Singh Rajput & Anushka Sharma were shot in the picturesque city of Bruges in Belgium.

About Bruges

Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is located in the northwest of the country. Flanders is a great place to see top craftsmanship, great architecture, enjoy delicious food, and to indulge in shopping.

The heart of Bruges is surrounded by a continuous ring of canals, and is the best preserved example of medieval Flanders. If you have seen the movie Peekay, you can appreciate the beauty of the place.

Bollywood film PK filmed in Bruges, Belgium

Filming locations shown in the movie ‘Peekay’ included the market place, Howest Campus Sint-Jorisstraat, the beguinage and the canals of Bruges. The song ‘Chhar Kadam’ from the movie PK was shot in Bruges, Belgium.

About Belgium Film Industry

The Belgium film industry may not be as big as Bollywood but it is alive and kicking, with animation being an integral part of the film industry.

Because of the modest size of the national market, over the years, Belgian professionals have developed expertise in the area of international co-production, and also have have access to the main European sources of financing.

Belgium has several film commissions that help filmmakers with location & studio finding, finding extras, negotiations with hospitality sector, logistics, contacts with local press, and authorizations to shoot films in Belgium.

About Belgium

Belgium is famous internationally for its chocolates and is also a diamond hub. fires one’s imagination. Belgium means holidays in many forms. Belgium, especially Brussels, is also famous for art, culture and architectural beauty, restaurants in Belgium are just outstanding.

Two of the big tourist attractions in Belgium are the Ardennes and the coast. For hiking, cycling, sport, nature and tranquility, Ardennes is the place to go. For sun, sea, sport and enjoyable bustle, go to the Coast.

Trailer of ‘In Bruges’, a dark Hollywood comedy filmed in Bruges, Belgium.