Bollywood Movies Filmed in Cyprus

Movies Filmed in CyprusCyprus is an internationally renowned shipping centre and gets over 2 million tourist arrivals per year. Home to some of the most popular and cleanest beaches in Europe, its in the top 50 most popular destinations in the world.

Because its geographically located so close to Turkey, filmmakers usually take advantage of both the locations to film their movie scenes.

Cyprus to Focus on Film Tourism

Cyprus is keen to showcase its natural beauty, varied landscape and stunning historical buildings, to Indian filmmakers. However, lack of incentives and red tape is a big stumbling block.

Currently, there is no single authority responsible for issuing filming permits. Both local and international producers are required to contact the relevant authorities – antiquities department, Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the police, national guard, hospitals, etc – to obtain the necessary permits.

But authorities are determined to sort out the obstacles. The presidency, the commerce and education ministries and Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (Cipa) are all working closely together to attract investors to Cyprus.

“There was a lot of interest from the [Indian] producers when we met them in India. We need to make them comfortable, there should be no delay in the process such as getting their equipment out of the port without delay and give visas to the crew within a reasonable time,” Natasa Pillides, head of the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (Cipa).

International filmmakers can expect tax exemptions and help to the production team in the near future.

Movies Shot in Cyprus

Race 2 was shot extensively in Turkey & Cyprus. The movie had scenes that were filmed in the little town of Girne in Northern Cyprus.

Remember Saif in the yellow boat (shot at Girne Harbour), and the scene where he parks the yellow car…moment before the car explodes and kills Bipasha? Those scenes were filmed in Cyprus.

race-2 shot in girne in northern cyprus

Welcome Break for Stars

Life in Mumbai can be hectic, especially for Bollywood stars who have choc-a-block schedules, and so when the shoot happens in a place like Cyprus, even the stars love it.

“It’s amazing sometimes to just leave the city and reach a quiet quaint place where people don’t know you and don’t even speak the same language well, yet are so friendly. Laidback life! So different from the hectic life in Mumbai,” had tweeted Bipasha, who was in Cyprus to shoot a cameo for Abbas Mustan’s Race 2, and was looking forward to having some relaxed time by the beach.

About Cyprus

When it comes to Cyprus, not many are sure whether its a country, or part of Greece. There are naby who’re also not sure whether its in Europe or falls in the Middle-East.

Here are some answers to these queries.

Although Cyprus was part of ancient Greece, today its a separate country (has two British Overseas Territories on the island, and there’s also the small matter of the long-standing occupation of Northern Cyprus by Turkey).

Geographically, Cyprus is closer to to Syria than mainland Europe (but its part of the EU). And according to the UN, Cyprus is part of Asia.

So basically, you may call it a European-Asian nation situated in the Middle East (that’s why people get confused about its location).