UK Cuts Europe (BREXIT): Here’s How It Will Impact Indians & Business

Now that UK has decided to get separated from the European Union, how will it impact India – the huge Indian diaspora in the UK, Indians working or studying in the UK, Indian investors? Here’s how Brexit will impact most Indians.

Little India (Asia) in UK

  • India and Pakistan are first and third largest sources of British immigration (Poland is at No.2)
  • Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis & Sri Lankans) comprise around 4.0% of UK’s total population.
  • Most Indians in the UK happen to live in London.

Impact of Brexit

  1. London’s status as the global business & financial centre is likely to be threatened (this is why most Londoner’s are pressing for an exit from UK, as they wish to stay in EU) as banks & companies may have to shift their HeadQuarters. Job cuts likely in the short term.
  2. India is currently the second biggest source of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) for Great Britain. UK used to be the gateway to EU for India until now. Indian companies used to sell their products to the rest of Europe also, under the European free market system. However, with Brexit, UK may not be an attractive a destination for Indian FDI as earlier. However, expect Britain to try extra hard to woo Indian companies and offer better incentives.
  3. India’s rich and the famous love to buy properties in London. The current market uncertainties will only attract more Indian investors to London (weaker pound provides short term buying opportunities in Real Estate)
  4. Travel to UK may become cheaper. The weaker pound will make your holidays in the UK bit more affordable. Now you can add another day or two to your Europe tour.
  5. British Universities will be more affordable to Indian students (will benefit from the weaker pound), however, there could be a rise in cost of living
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  6. Britain’s exit could impact India’s profit-making IT sector as Indian companies may have to setup headquarters both in the UK and in Europe, which will increase costs
  7. UK’s migration laws could be more stringent. Earlier many would enter the UK by first becoming a citizen of a non-UK country in the EU, to bypass UKs stringent migration laws
  8. Goans (those who live in Goa) used to opt for Portuguese citizenship (they are entitled to it) to get into the UK. However, they may not see the the benefit now, until there’s more clarity.

Politicians in Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands, France, Spain, encouraged by Brexit, have taken the opportunity to ask for referendums in their own country – Sounds like the end of the EU?

Old Farts 1. The Future 0.
Well done England.
Maybe lose to Iceland next and get out of Europe properly?
– Salman Rushdie, on Twitter

No matter the outcome. #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson – Edward Snowden

(Donald Trump)
Very few took him seriously in the beginning, but with Brexit, his politics of fear and anger looks viable.

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