Fashion Designer Sabyasachi Mukherji: From Rs. 20k to Rs. 100 Crore

When you talk about Indian fashion, you just cannot ignore the name ‘Sabyasachi Mukherjee’; he’s one of the leading fashion designers in India. Fashion show organizers & exhibitors woo him to participate in their events as it increases the profile of their event.

And now the buzz around Sabyasachi has gotten even louder as he has managed to take his business to the Rs 100-crore club (just like Bollywood films). And if that doesn’t impress you, here’s something that will definitely make you appreciate his efforts. He started his label with a meager Rs 20,000, which was loan taken from his sister!

Wow, from twenty thousand rupees to a hundred crore company, and growing strong! And remember, Sabyasachi achieved that feat as a one-man show, without making apparel for mass retail.

Global Reach

Sabyasachi’s fan following is not just limited to India, it spans across countries & continents. His clothes are liked by people in countries like South Africa, Pakistan, Lebanon, Antwerp, Australia (he’s not even been to many of these countries).

And his fan followers include big celebrities as well. Oprah Winfrey, when she was in India, came in and cleaned out his entire Mumbai store and paid for everything with her credit card. She also clicked pictures with Sabyasachi’s store staff.

Focusing on Bridal-wear

Sabyasachi focused on the bridal wear market and building his own flagship stores. The dual strategy paid off, says Sabyasachi, who started his label in 2002 with a Rs 20,000 loan he took from his sister.

“It gets you the attention, and is not so capital intensive.” He, however, is cautious about the 100-crore tag, fearing it will add to all the hype surrounding the industry which is only in a nascent stage (even the apex body, Fashion Design Council of India, is only 16 years old). “All the talk of Rs 100 crore is receiving too much attention. Fashion companies internationally make so much more,” he says, adding, “If fashion houses that have been around for years have not crossed this mark, what is the point?”

Watch Sabyasachi Mukherjee talk about his journey to success, and about his future plans.