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The Top Fashion Photographers in Mumbai (and in India)…for Bollywood film shoots, awesome portfolios, catalogs, products, or for that matter, anything related to photography.

Fashion Photographers in Mumbai

Fashion & Film Photographers: Capture the Glamour

When it comes to Bollywood films, if you look from the eyes of the audience, actors & directors happen to be more popular compared to the other creative people who are involved in the making of a film. Even the singers, musicians, and choreographers are fairly well-known among the masses.

However, that may not seem to be the case with the leading photographers in the industry, and that’s because the audience is not part of the film industry and they don’t get to see how a movie transforms from an idea into the final product!

But for those who belong to the film industry, or are trying to be a part of it, fashion & film photographers are one of the key people in the industry. Here’s why!

  • They help the leading Bollywood stars maintain their brand by clicking awesome pictures, by bringing out the sexiest best in them, during the photo-shoots.
  • During the making of a Bollywood movie, they shoot stills, posters, that goes into the promotion of the movie
  • Celebrities from outside the film industry, such as Politicians, Industrialists, Sportsmen, also get their pictures clicked by the leading photographers, to be published in the leading newspapers & magazines.

More importantly, wannabe actors can get their portfolio shot from the leading photographers, and also get ideas on how to go about trying to get work in the industry.

Making a glamorous portfolio is your first step towards STARDOM! Well, you definitely need it to get work in the industry. That’s why you need the services of a top fashion photographer. Here we have listed the top fashion photographers in Mumbai who shoot the top Bollywood stars, and are usually also open to shooting newcomers. These photographers understand fashion, glamour and above all have the right contacts; at least your pictures will be seen by the right people, who could get your work in ads, television or maybe even films.

These photographers also shoot for fashion editorial & advertising for national and international clients. If you want to do product or catalog photography and need a celebrity to go along, these guys can help you arrange that as well.

Some of the leading apparel brands (including sarees, jewelry) also get their catalogues shot by leading fashion photographers; they know that a catalogue with high-impact images is all you need to make a lasting impression of their brand.

Some have degree in Journalism, some have formally learnt professional photography, but many started as assistants to top photographers and gradually made a mark for themselves. Here are the top fashion photographers in india.

Arjun Mark

Anushka Menon
In an industry dominated by males, Anushka Menon has not only survived as a fashion photographer, but continues to thrive.

Anushka Menon
Source: Anushka Menon

Atul Kasbekar
Dabboo Ratnani
Dilip Bhatia
Israr Qureshi

Jatin Kampani
A top name in the industry, Jatin Kampani is a top-notch fashion photographer and the winner of several prestigious photography awards.

Jatin Kampani
Source: Jatin Kampani

Jitu Savlani
Kunal Daswani (Chennai)
Luv Israni
Madhur Shroff
Pravin Talan

R Burman
A veteran in the industry, Riddhibrata Burman (also an artist) is a graduate from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, and has assisted renowned international names such as Steven Klein and Mark Seliger in New York and Los Angeles. Burman has worked with leading magazines in India such as Vogue, GQ, and Elle, and says that he is possibly the only Indian to have seen pop-star Madonna with no clothes on.

R Burman
Source: R Burman

Radhika Raj
Ram Bherwani
Ronny Sequeira
Shaan Bannerjee
Senthil Kumar (Bangalore)
Subi Samuel
Tarun Khiwal
Tina Dehal
Venket Ram (Chennai)
Vickky Idnaani
Vikram Bawa

Fashion photographers in Andheri

Yatin Dandekar
Tel – 090040 66588


A.Rrajani Photography
Tel – 070453 60660

Shaan Banerjee
Tel – 8830809219

Exclusive Set-ups and Stunning Models

The top fashion photographers are able to bring the products to life by making sure they build exclusive set-ups/back-drops (they get it done by art directors). Most of the photographers also have good working relationships with modeling agencies, in case you want them to help you choose a model for your shoot.

Fashion photographers are skilled at making the products look appealing for the intended audience – be it portfolio, fashion or food. An experienced fashion photography is all that you need to get a professional catalogue made.

Well Equipped Studio to Capture Professional Quality Shots

The top Fashion photographers in India are equipped to handle any type of catalogue requirement, and they usually take care of the following:

  • Models (Indian and International)
  • Hair and Make-up
  • Fashion stylists
  • Well-equipped studio settings
  • Exclusive, customized set-ups

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