Bollywood’s Most Famous Dacoit ‘Gabbar’ Amjad Khan’s Son is a Writer: Big B Launches His First Book

Bollywood’s most famous dacoit ‘Gabbar’ Amjad Khan’s son is a writer, and none other than Big B was present to launch Shadaab Amjad Khan’s first book titled “Murder in Bollywood”.

On the occasion, Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, recalled his great friendship with his late father, Amjad Khan. Mr. Bachchan said that he and Amjad Khan were great friends, even though they were hero and villain in countless blockbusters.

Mr. Bachchan also light-heartedly urged Shadaab to leave writing books and follow the family tradition of joining the film industry.

“Shadab, seeing you in this form is quite unbelievable for me. You were literally born in front of me.. Amjad bhai and me were great friends and colleagues together in several films and we had a special relationship.. my presence today is because of that relationship.

“I never knew you had this passion for writing and I’m really eager to look forward to reading your book. And I’m absolutely delighted to be part of the inauguration. I wish Shadab many more books. But I hope you will come away from books and join the wonderful tradition of your family of joining films,” said Amitabh.

Thanking Amitabh, Shadab said: “I would like to thank Bachchan sahab for graciously agreeing to launch my book. Sir, very few people have old world grace, etiquette, manners, and class. And you are among the few.”