Katrina Kaif wants to be Khaleesi, pleads Game Of Thrones makers to cast her

Katrina Kaif shared her latest photoshoot picture recently, and pleaded the Game Of Thrones makers to cast her in it. I guess, like many of us, even Katrina seems to be in awe of the ‘moody and broody’ Jon Snow.

Here’s the picture she shared on Instagram, where she’s dressed in a designer swimwear and heavy anklets.

Kat’s excited fans felt that her look was perfect for the part of Khaleesi aka Danaerys Targaryen. What do you think? Can Katrina Kaif be the new Khaleesi?

GAME OF THRONES Official Trailer (2017)


‘Game of Thrones’ Producers Let President Barack Obama See the Show Before Others

Not one gets advance screeners of “Game of Thrones.” But when you’re the president of America, you could be an exception. Even the cast of the show or top critics have copies of the screeners for the highly, highly, insanely anticipated new season.

But ‘Game of Thrones’ producers let President Barack Obama (leader of the free world) see the show before anyone else.

Show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said “I think, for both of us, finding out the President wanted advanced copies of the episodes was an ‘aha’ moment,” Weiss said in a Facebook Live video. Calling it “very strange,” he confirmed that Obama indeed got his hands on the new season: “Yes. He’s the leader of the free world.” Benioff added, “When the commander-in-chief says, ‘I want to see advanced episodes,’ what are you gonna do?” He has a good point.

But lets be real: Wouldn’t you abuse presidential privilege for advance screeners too?