Kangana Ranaut shows grey can look chic and sexy

Grey (gray) is a common neutral color, and for most common folks, its a common colour they choose when it comes to clothing. However, you see celebrities wearing this colour, probably because they find it boring?

Well, on the contrary, Grey provides a softer alternative to black and looks good on women. Its’ a versatile color that you can be worn in many different ways.

And we have none other than Kangana Ranaut to show how gorgeous grey dresses/outfits can look.

During Navratri festival, you’re supposed to wear costumes, ethnic jewellery of a particular colour each day of the festival. Day 3 is for the colour grey

Kangana Ranaut shows us how to look ravishing in grey, in fact she seems to love grey outfits; she wore these during recent promotions.

After watching these pics, you would want to borrow Kangana Ranaut’s wardrobe.

Did you know grey could look so gorgeous, so chic? Thanks to Kangana Ranaut, I am sure you won’t hesitate to pick ‘greys’ in future.

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