Guess Which Bollywood Stars are the King & Queen of Social Media?

These two bollywood stars have been around for a long time now, and really know how to connect with followers on Social Media. Find out who they’re.

Businesses, corporate houses, and celebrities know how important it is to have a presence on Social Media. One not only needs to have substantial followers, but also know who to connect and engage them.

And can you guess who in Bollywood does it the best? Probably, your guess is right! They’re tech savvy, know how to survive and thrive in competition, and are among the biggest stars in Bollywood

SRKKing Khan ‘SRK’ and Bollywood/Hollywood actor Priyanka Chopra are the current King and Queen of social media, as per a recent Social Media Film Award.

priyanka chopraBoth the stars are very active on various social media platforms, take the time to read the comments of followers and also reply to most of them.


Both the stars were recognized for the same by a leading digital portal who conducted a survey where more than 10 million people across the globe voted across various categories.