Successful Fashion Designer: What it Takes to be One

How to be a Successful Fashion DesignerFashion designers usually end up working for top fashion houses, or are employed by mass-market manufacturers of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, while some start their own fashion design business.

Skills Required

There’s no doubt that you need to have a good eye for detail and a great sense of fashion, to be a good fashion designer. But there are other more things required to be a successful fashion designer.

Here are some of the key skills required to be a respected fashion designer:

  1. You need to be Highly Creative, Artistic, and have a Good Eye for Detail
  2. You need to have excellent Drawing Skills & strong Visualization Skills
  3. Need to be updated with the latest Fashion Trends
  4. Should have good understanding of texture, color, and quality of fabric
  5. Excellent Communication & Interpersonal Skills help to properly understand the requirements of the client/customers
  6. Ability to work in a team helps, especially when working for big design labels/companies
  7. A Competitive Spirit and a Good Sense for Business is required to survive in this cut-throat industry

Victoria Beckham’s Tips For Success As A Fashion Designer

Victoria Beckham has come a long way in the last couple of decades by transformed herself from a pop star to an international designer.

Here’s what Mrs. Beckham feel are the recipes for success as a fashion designer.

  1. Get some work experience in the fashion industry
  2. If you’re a girl, join a girl band and take over the universe with your own brand of ‘Girl Power’
  3. Find a partner who shares you interest in style
  4. Let the world know that you’re a cut above the rest (by wearing a lot of black dresses)
  5. Make a career mistake
  6. Become the Queen of a scene
  7. Get the fashion thumbs up from one of the greatest living designers
  8. Launch a collection and become your own best ambassador
  9. Persuade your friends to wear it too!
  10. Expand your brand – the thigh’s the limit!

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Develop Good Business Sense

Having a good business sense is a must, especially if you’re going to start your own fashion design business (from initial concept to manufacturing and distribution).

There are several young and upcoming fashion designers who have the fire, as well a plan, to achieve what they’re after.

Young Indian designer ‘Rimi Nayak’ (alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology and recipient of the prestigious Lineapelle International Young Designers Award, Italy) started her own label Rimi Nayak India.

In the year 2013, Rimi Nayak was selected for a scholarship programme sponsored by Goldman Sachs, which was conducted by Indian School of Business (ISB), where her potential as a women entrepreneur was praised and she was awarded with the ‘Best Business Plan Award’ for her label Rimi Nayak India.

Most Fashion designers are trained under apprenticeships. Here’s a video that shows how training is imparted to trainee fashion designers on fashion jobs.