Beyhadh actress Jennifer Winget reacts to Bipasha Basu liking and unliking her birthday video

Bipasha Basu liked and unliked Jennifer Winget’s birthday video, even Karan Singh Grover (Jennifer’s ex-husband), liked and unliked one of her pictures.

“I don’t know why a lovely, casual gesture by her became headlines and was turned into some sort of an investigation. I don’t think it was fair to write so much about it.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we are connected in some way. I can’t say what made her unlike it later. All I can say is, we have moved on way beyond and are in a better space now. So, let things be,” Jennifer.

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Jennifer Winget: Queen of Television (Fashion & Style Pics)

If you don’t watch television too much, but happen to watch an episode of Beyhadh, you will be surprised to see Jennifer Winget. Not only is she good looking, she has a great sense of fashion.

Date of Birth: May 30th, 1985. Height: 5ft, 4in. Zodiac / Star sign: Gemini

Jennifer Winget, after separation from husband Karan Singh Grover, has made a rocking comeback with Beyhadh, where she has received the much-needed recognition as an actress. It seems she is more determined now, after her divorce, and wants to make her work do the talking.

Jennifer Winget’s looks in the soap is totally Pinterest / Instagram worthy. Jennifer plays a high profile CEO of a fashion company in the serial, and her attire/pictures prove that she is currently the most stylish diva on television. She will surely give other fashionistas a run for their money.

No wonder, Jennifer was voted as TV’s Style Icon Of The Year.

Checkout some of these pictures that she posted on Instagram. Guys, she will definitely kill you with her looks.

Be fearful of mediocrity…never let good enough be good enough!

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Keep Calm. It's only April Fool's Day! 😬

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jennifer winget in black bikini top
Jennifer Winget in a black bikini top and denim shorts

Here’s what Jennifer Winget had said, when Karan Grover and Bipasha Basu got married.

“It was an amazing experience, and an amazing roller-coaster ride. There were some happy and sad moments. But I know that I gave my 500% (to my marriage), and no one can point a finger at me. I don’t regret a single day of my life. But, s**t happens. I don’t feel bitter or hold any grudges. I am in a happy space. People might think otherwise, but that’s not the case. I wish them good luck, and happy married life, I think they make an amazing couple. Marriage is a beautiful thing if two people work on it and want to be together. May god bless them. I feel love is an amazing thing, and if you can feel it for someone, it’s great.