Kangana Ranaut fights Bollywood’s family business, Karan Johar says don’t play “victim card” all the time

Kangana Ranaut has no filmy background, nor did she have any godfather before she entered Bollywood. He has not done any film yet opposite any of the ‘Top Khans’. Despite that Kangana Ranaut is one of the most sought after and top aid actresses in Bollywood.

She took on Hrithik, openly says that she does not need a Khan to make a movie a super hit, and now she seems to have irritated Karan Johar as well.

Bollywood is dominated by the Khans, Kapoors, Chopras and Roshans (its similar down south as well). The film industry is more of family business (its similar in business as well as politics).

Karan, after maintaining silence for some time (probably waiting for his twins to be born), has now made it clear which side he is on.

“I am done with Kangana playing the woman card and the victim card. I am done. You cannot be this victim at every given point of time who has this sad story to tell about how she has been terrorised by ‘bad Bollywood’. If it is that way then leave,” Johar said during a session with Anupama Chopra at London School of Economics, India Forum.

It all started with the episode of “Koffee With Karan”, where Kangana Ranaut had come to promote her movie ‘Rangoon’ (the movie failed to match the hype at the box-office).

On an episode of “Koffee With Karan”, Kangana had said “Johar would be perfect to play the role of a stereotypical Bollywood biggie who is snooty and completely intolerant to outsiders. Flag-bearer of nepotism. The movie mafia in her biopic if it is ever made.”

Karan Johar was gracious enough not to edit Kangana’s views…

While Karan did not agree with Kangana’s comments, he still aired her comments as he respected her point of view.

“She had a great prospective and point of view. Everyone lauded her for coming on to my show and (how she) ‘gave it off to Karan’. I was gracious enough to not cut anything and let it be that way. I could have edited it as it was my show. I cut none of it. I said, ‘No, let the world listen to her opinion and she must voice it’. I gave her the platform,” Karan

Kangana may have taken a few years to reach where she is today, but she has been hitting headlines ever since she stepped into the industry. Be her looks, her accent, her English, her link ups, her frank opinions, everything has been in news.

So how many more Bollywood Biggies will the girl from Himachal take on?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure…the Queen is here to stay, and she is not the one to indulge in diplomacy. So you can expect more fireworks in the future, with her bad ass attitude and super hit blockbusters.