Malayalam stars Kavya-Dileep saga could make for a dramatic romantic movie

Several users on Social media are angry with the wedding of Malayalam film actors Dileep and Kavya, and are holding them responsible for ruining the lives of two persons (whom they divorced).

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan are big stars in Mollywood (Malayalam film industry) and have acted together in 20 films over a span of almost two decades 17 years. While everybody knew they were a couple, the two always maintained that they were just good friends. However, there marriage recently only confirmed that they were ‘more’ than good friends.

However, their journey had several twists and turns, and could easily be turned into a dramatic love story — full of secrecy, mystery, and twists and turns.

Here are some important moments in their relationships:

  • Kavya makes her debut at the age of seven in the film Pookkalam Varavayi (1991), in which Dileep was an assistant director.
  • While Kavya was growing up, Dileep feel in love with co-star Manju Warrier and eventually married her in 1998. In the years to come, Dileep became a superstar.
  • Just months after Dileep and Manju’s wedding, Dileep was paired opposite Kavya Madhavan for Chandranudikunna Dikhil, her debut movie as an actress.
  • Dileep and Kavya worked in several films together, which included superhits like Meesa Madhavan, Runway and Thenkasipattanam.
  • Soon their were whispers of an affair between Kavya and Dileep, which went on for years.
  • Kavya married Kuwait-based businessman, Nischal Chandra, in 2009 but soon got divorced in 2010 (people said her relationship with Dileep was the reason for the split).
  • In 2014, Manju Warrier and Dileep got divorced.

“You all are aware of the problems in my life. However, Kavya was not the reason for any of them. Hence I wanted to marry the girl who had been made a scapegoat by linking her to me. I spoke to my daughter, mother and brother and they all extended their support. The three of us, Kavya, Meenakshi and me, want to have a happy and peaceful life with my mother,” said Dileep.

Dileep’s daughter from his first marriage, Meenakshi, a standard ten student, was among those who attended the wedding. “I support the marriage. It was I who I forced them to marry,” said Meenakshi.