Online Art Platform Auctions Everything From Bollywood Memorabilia to Rich Modern Art

The Indian growth story is intact and several startup companies are coming up with innovative business ideas. One such idea is online auctioning of fine art. is an online art platform that features Bollywood memorabilia (featuring the big stars), works by modern and contemporary art stalwarts, as well as folk and tribal Indian art.

Fresh works of Modern and Contemporary art, traditional Folk and Tribal art, antiquities, fine interiors and vintage film posters are offered every week in auctions.

The company brings together fine art, collectibles, jewellery and prime properties together, select independent sellers and curated collections, featuring beautiful and significant objects from the past and present.

Minal Vazirani of says, “By introducing this new property of weekly online auctions, we want to keep our audiences continuously engaged with great art, that is affordable as it is unique. If you’re lucky, you could find an extraordinary work of art at an attractive price. We believe that art is meant to be seen, not stored.”

A poster each of Amitabh Bachchan in 1990 film “Agneepath”, of Dilip Kimar in the 1961 film “Jumna”, a photographic still lobby card of Ashok Kumar in “Bandhan” , a photo still mounted on a lobby card of Raj Kapoor in the 1964 film Sangam are among the auction lots.

Image Credit: Shutterstock