Pakistani Film ‘Waar’ breaking New Grounds

Pakistani Film 'Waar' breaking New Grounds
Bollywood films are getting bigger by the day, both in terms of production costs & market share; same goes for our South-Indian movies.

But how about the film-industry across the border – in Pakistan?

We’all know that Bollywood films are quite popular there! But going by the success of one of its most recent blockbuster movie ‘Waar’, and the response its getting in the overseas market, it seems even Pakistani cinema has come a long way (in terms of better production quality).

The theme of the movie is terrorism, the story-line seems familiar, but this time the villain is ‘India’ (another reason probably it did well in Pakistan).

Checkout the trailer of the Pakistani film ‘Waar’ starring Shaan, superstar of Pakistani Cinema, (the movie was more successful than SRK’s Chennai Express during Eid in Pakistan).


It seems the overall quality of movies in the Indian subcontinent is only going higher, which is definitely a good thing.