Pierce ‘James Bond’ Brosnan does ad for Pan Bahar pan masala, Indians find it amusing

Pierce ‘James Bond’ Brosnan is promoting the Pan Bahar pan masala; you can see the Ads splashed across newspapers, hoardings, and on YouTube.

Pan masalas are usually looked down upon (because of their harmful effects). However, most Pan masala brands nowadays are seemingly harmless, and continue to get sold in the market. But because many see it as a health hazard, not many celebrities endorse such products.

But then there are always exceptions; and these companies pay good amount to celebrities who endorse their pan masala brand.

A few known faces do endorse pan masalas, and now they have managed to rope in Peter Brosnan.

Well, we only hope that Pierce Brosnan didn’t endorse Pan Bahar thinking it was some exotic Indian herb.

Peter Brosnan has done both stills as well as video for Pan Bahar. Interestingly he doesn’t taste the thing in the video.

Watch the ad

Pierce Brosnan has earlier done an ad for Reid & Taylor.

Indians seem to be having a hearty laugh, and Twitter is flooded with jokes.