Sanjay Dutt’s million dollar advice to young actors to achieve stardom

Sanjay Dutt is the rock-star of Bollywood, and has done several memorable films. The Munna-bhai star says this is what young actors need to do if they’re hoping to achieve stardom in India.

And his simple advice to youngsters is to look beyond multiplexes.

The “Munna Bhai MBBS” actor says that young actors can achieve the kind of fame he and his contemporaries still enjoy if they start focusing on audiences beyond multiplexes or urban cinema halls, besides doing meaty roles.

Sanjau Dutt is still remembered for his memorable roles of Ballu, Raghu, Munna, Musabhai and Kancha Cheena.

“I believe the younger generation just needs to make right choices. They need to understand that India is not only about multiplexes, there is a lot of audience beyond that. The moment you reach out to the audiences in the interiors of the country you will start becoming the star,” says Sanjay Dutt.

The actor will be playing a father in his comeback movie “Bhoomi”.

Another advice Sanju-baba gives is not to be scared.

“Kancha Cheena was a role which I dare think any mainstream actor would have played. It was a challenge for me and I accepted it. I advise all the young actors not to be scared. If one gets a good character to play, they should not think twice and just go ahead with it,” he said.

Sanjay Dutt in Chikni Chameli song from Agneepath