Shahrukh Khan gives ‘5 life lessons’ while playing with Abram’s toys

Shah Rukh Khan loves to play with his children’s toys, says he never had these when he was a kid. Read SRK give real life lessons, feel inspired.

This article is not about whether SRK is a great actor or not (you can read more about who’s the real king of Bollywood here).

However, there’s no denying that he’s a superstar (an international icon) today, who started from television. And he has the ability to inspire people around him, by his actions, and by his words. Shah Rukh Khan is one of those few people, who fought adversity and setbacks in life (lost his father at a young age), with his dedication and hard work.

Shahrukh recently shared pictures of him playing with son Abram’s toys on Instagram. The man who gives his children the best of everything — be it education or luxury, says he didn’t have any toys to play with in his childhood.

Here are some golden nuggets he shared about life.

  1. The winner takes it all
    “I remember running a 100-metre race in school (at St Columba’s, Delhi), against boys who were a little older than me. Till that point, I’d been running with boys my age and I was used to being in the lead. In that race, though, I came fifth out of six or seven boys. As soon as the race was over, the school officials rushed over to the winners and whisked them off to the podium. There were people around, but no one came to me. It was the emptiest feeling.”

  2. Failure is as textured as success
    “The only difference is that success comes with confetti and streamers; failure is that corner you go back to. You deal with it, and then you wake up and start all over again. It’s a process of emotional detoxification. Failure is something you face alone. Success has a lot of masters, friends, and well-wishers. But failure is lonely. Still, it’s just as textured as a success.”

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  3. Failure is inevitable, and it feels like crap
    “If you fail repeatedly at something, it can tell you that perhaps you’re not cut out for it. It can make you look at a situation more carefully, so you avoid repeating certain mistakes. It strips you of arrogance and can shake you out of your complacency. It can make you more humble and focused. But I think we say these things to make ourselves feel better, because the truth is, failure feels like crap. But it’s also inevitable.”

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  4. Childhood without toys
    “I lost my dad when I was 14 or 15, and my mother when I was 25. That void never gets filled. If you lose your parents too early, you have to grow up too fast. You can’t play with toys, you have to start playing in the real world.

    My father passed away suddenly, and then my mother redeemed the situation for a bit. Then she died suddenly and we were all shaken up again. Today, I don’t know whether it’s better to lose your parents when you’re young and get over it faster, or to have them around and see them get older.

    I play with my children’s toys now. People find it odd and think perhaps I’m just a good father, but that’s not true. I’m just a father who didn’t have toys.”

    Watch the video (Lessons from father to son…Don’t be a life spectator, take the plunge. Nail polish is optional.)

    Lessons from father to son…Don't be a life spectator, take the plunge. Nail polish is optional.

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  5. Social media can be distasteful
    “As far as social media is concerned, I find it very distasteful when people bring your family into it. I tweeted recently about Sunny Leone’s song in my film Raees, and I’ve got these disgusting comments about my daughter. Sometimes, I want to create an app that tracks down the people who tweet to me. I’d like to do a Liam Neeson from Taken: “I’ll find them and I’ll fix ’em.”

Shahrukh’s recent movies may not have made a huge impact at the box-office, but his words surely makes an impact on the audience. Besides, he seems to be unaffected by box-office results lately, and is enjoying life with his family.