Salman’s bodyguard Shera is the go-to man for providing security to international stars

It seems Salman Khan’s bodyguard Shera is becoming the go-to man now for providing security to International stars, when they arrive in India.

Even though he’s close to Salman Khan, its Shera’s thorough professionalism that is landing him such high-profile assignments. Shera was the man-in-charge for providing security to Canadian megastar Justin Bieber, who was recently in India.

In the past, Shera has handled security arrangements of several international stars including Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Paris Hilton, Shaggy, Peter Andre, Diana King, Whitfield, UB40, Slash, Keanu Reeves, U2.

Shera, real name Gurmeet Singh Jolly, says even though he has got several celebrity friends and acquaintances who request an introduction with these International celebrities, he ensures thorough professionalism in this matter.

“Even my son, who’s studying in the US wanted to meet Justin Bieber, but I told him to make his own arrangements to go to to the concert,” says Shera. Shera even didn’t allow anyone from B-town to click pictures with the Hollywood singing sensation. Shera said he refused because it was a professional job that he is doing.

When Shera gave all the personalised Bieber souvenirs to one young girl, who happens to be a big fan of Bieber, everybody thought it was a kind gesture on Shera’s part. However, it seems the girl’s father (owner of Chinese eatery Uncle’s Kitchen in Malad) is a close friend of Shera, and that’s the reason Shera gave all of Justin Bieber’s personal stuff to the girl.

Here’s what the girl got.

“He could have given it to his son wo wanted to come for the concert, but he didn’t. That’s very thoughtful of him,” said the girl’s father.

Well, that isn’t being professional or kind-hearted. Some of it could have been given to other fans as well?

Shera has been serving as a bodyguard almost two decades (since 1995), and is seen as an integral part of the Khan family. Reportedly, Shera takes home a salary of around Rs. 2 Crore every year.

Salman Khan is happy to see the growing stature of Shera.

“The Khan family and I are very happy for Shera. There‚Äôs no need for any artist to be worried when Shera is around. He is very reliable and a complete no-nonsense person. A thorough professional, he is one of the finest in India and I swear by him,” said Salman Khan.

With pics of Shera and Justin Bieber floating around, and his promity to Salman Khan, I’m sure many would be envious of Shera now.

Before working for Salman, Shera worked for a security company and was the bodyguard for several International stars.