OMG! Sunny Leone charges Rs. 1.5 crore for doing a XXX project

Sunny Leone to be the face of a Cola brand, whose name bears an uncanny resemblance to a (in) famous profession that made Sunny Leone so popular in the first place.

Its tough to introduce a new product in the market and get people to know about it. That is why marketers come out with innovative names for their products.

One such product is XXX, an energy drink, that will be launched by entrepreneur-turned-bollywood actor Sachiin Joshi.

And when a product is named XXX (most online searches on the internet are related to this topic), who better than Sunny Leone to endorse it?

And Sunny Leone knows that. That’s the reason she got paid a whopping Rs 1.5 crore to be the face of XXX.


While getting Sunny Leone on-board seemed to be an obvious marketing strategy, Sachiin Joshi denies that and says its a mere coincidence.

“Sunny’s pornstar status was not the criteria to cast her and neither do they intend to cash in on her XXX factor. That is just a coincidence. For us, the three Xs stand for Experience, Extreme, Excitement and that’s what Sunny represents. Her pornstar status has nothing to do with casting her. Sunny is an actress like anyone else,” said Sachiin Joshi.