Taiwan Tourism Bureau to Launch Calendar to Attract Bollywood Filmmakers to Taiwan

Taiwan Tourism Bureau will be launching a calendar, with Bollywood stars, which will be used as promotional material to attract more Bollywood Filmmakers to film in Taiwan.

Around 15 Bollywood actors (including television actors) will be taking part in a photography shoot. The shoot will happen at famous scenic locations (popular tourist destinations) in Taiwan such as Yangmingshan National Park, New Taipei City’s Shimen, Leofoo Village theme park, Taichung’s Summit Resort, Nantou’s Sun Moon Lake and Hualiens Taroko National Park.

None of the top Bollywood actors have been hired though for the photo-shoot.

filming in Taiwan

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Bollywood produces more than 1,000 films annually and of-late have been filming several films on foreign locations. Bollywood has also filmed in Taiwan before, and Taiwan wants to capture a greater piece of that action.

Several scenes from the Hollywood film ‘Life of Pi’ was shot in Taiwan.

With this initiative, Taiwan hopes to attract more Bollywood filmmakers and Indian tourists to Taiwan.

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