V-Day Special: Billion Dollar ‘Love Industry’ Wants You to Fall in Love

Valentines Day: Deals & Offers Valentines Day: The entire shopping industry wants you to fall in love these days, after all its a multi-billion dollar industry only in the US. Read more to know why the ‘Love Industry’ wants you to fall in love.

Have you seen advertisements lately where love products make promises to make your bond stronger?

Hoardings, TV & magazines have several ads where precious metals like gold & diamond entice you into a `love story of a lifetime’?

Destination holiday packages designed exclusively for lovers. High-end restaurants offering the perfect candlelight dinner just to rekindle that spark in your romance?

These are just a few examples, there are several more services/products that get highlighted a week before 14th Feb, enticing you to buy things for your loved ones.


But then that is ‘Love-onomics’! An industry worth billions of dollars and its ‘recession-proof’.

Even in conservative Pakistan, where Valentine’s Day goes against Shariah law, V-Day is big business with Pakistani markets overflowing with love souvenirs such as Red flowers, balloons and heart-shaped ornaments.

And the industry has been successful in convincing buyers to shop around ‘Valentines Day’. Just take a casual look around, and you’ll see people flocking to buy things for their loved ones.

The motto today seems to be “if you love someone, you’ve got to show it”. That is why couples are becoming increasingly dependent on the ‘Love Industry’ to help express the most basic human emotion.

Shopping outlets, of course, are more than happy to roll out the red carpet for them with exciting offers and best deals.

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