Film on Warren Buffett reveals what biographies and news stories have not

Documentary film ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’ brings Warren Buffett and his family to life in a way that biographies and news stories have not. Billionaire Warren Buffett is among the world’s most admired investors and top philanthropists.

There was an article in the economic times sometime back, which listed the reasons why Warren Buffett’s value investing model doesn’t work in Indian market. However, there’s no doubt that he is one of the most followed celebrity, especially when it comes to the subject of investing. His books on how to invest, are quite popular, not just abroad, but even in India.

And we are sure that many would be keen to watch the documentary based on the life of Warren Buffett – ‘Becoming Warren Buffett’, to be aired on HBO.

The interesting thing about the film is that the documentary brings Warren Buffett and his family to life in a way that biographies and news stories have not.

“The emotional part of it is going to surprise people. I don’t think we think of Warren Buffett as emotional,” said Kunhardt (producer of the film)

The film includes interviews with Buffett and his children, and also some of his associates.

Watch: Becoming Warren Buffett (HBO Documentary Films)

  • Warren Buffett is the only person to have built from scratch, a company that is now in the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies.
  • Warren Buffett is not only the best when it comes to making money, but also when it comes to giving it away.

“Over the years I’ve developed a better understanding of human nature. I can learn a lot about investments out of a book. But I don’t think you can learn as much about human beings. You really need some experiences, and I’m wiser in that respect than I was 40 or 50 years ago, even though I can’t rattle off numbers the same way I used to be able to,” Warren Buffett to Kunhardt.

Warren Buffett film is equal parts love story and business story – a 90-minute account of Buffett’s progress from a child counting pop bottle caps to a man with a fortune of $100 billion-plus (most of it will go to charity).

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