Why the rich and the famous love to collect Diamonds

We all know that diamonds are expensive, but how much? Let’stake a look at this metal, and why its the favorite of the ‘Rich’ and the ‘Famous’.

Its not that difficult to keep investments worth $100 million in a small case, locker (or even in your pockets). Yes, you can do that if your investment in the form of diamonds (few top-quality stones can be worth even more.)

Rich investors today have diamonds as part of their investment portfolio (besides the more common stocks, bonds, and real estate.)

“It is the most discreet indulgence. When a person wears a small 2-carat fancy vivid-green diamond ring, many won’t realize that it’s worth a few million dollars.

Diamonds are easily transportable and also increase in value over time (due to increased demand).

Centuries back, only Kings and Queens could afford to buy diamonds, but today, with people getting wealthier, there’s a good demand for gem-quality stones (and they’re becoming rarer, due to scarcity).

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a Silicon Valley start-up, Diamond Foundry, a company that creates jewellery-grade diamonds in a lab using a plasma reactor. The company will try to accomplish what alchemists and others have attempted in vain for centuries: growing diamonds and other precious stones from scratch.

While some like diamonds because their investment can be kept by their side or even under their pillow, for others, its a matter of pride that drives them to chase the best (price doesn’t matter).

This is why the top Jewellry companies are cultivating diamond collectors (similar to art collectors or car collectors), where they nurture and educate their clients more about these precious jewels.

Once clients are educated about collectible diamonds, they typically become diamond collectors (build a collection of prized stones).

Bollywood Actress & Entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty Loves Diamonds

Shilpa Shetty has come a long way, from doing smaller roles in Bollywood to being a top Bollywood actress-producer and entrepreneur. Despite being a mother of two-year-old son, Shilpa has still maintained her hourglass figure and still retains that inimitable smile.

And guess what, she’s got a soft spot for diamonds!

Shilpa who was in Delhi for the launch of Anmol jewellery store (in Greater Kailash market) looked pretty in a sari and full sleeves black blouse (designed by Masaba Gupta) and she was wearing an elegant neck piece.

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Like most women, Shilpa Shetty loves jewellery and accessories, especially a solitaire, and has to wear one if she’s stepping outside her house.

“I love Jewellery and I can’t step out without having one on my body. I am a big solitaire fan and I feel that goes with every look of mine. Whether it’s western wear or Indian wear, a solitaire with earrings is good to go,” said Shilpa.

You could gauge her love for jewelry by the passion with which she was talking on the topic. The actress also gave out tips on how to choose the right jewellery for the festive season. Here are the few suggestions she had to offer:

  1. Make sure that the piece you choose is not very heavy
  2. It needs to ooze out glamour
  3. You should choose jewellery that will suit your body type, and not get influenced by other people’s opinions

Shilpa Shetty is married to businessman Raj Kundra.

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Lunchbox Actress Nimrat Kaur Loves Diamonds

Nimrat says, “I love the aesthetics behind diamonds,there is nothing quite like diamonds on this planet for me. I have a pair of diamonds that my mother gifted me That it was the first pair of solitaire diamonds that I got.”