Why is Tubelight star Zhu Zhu ignoring Salman Khan’s film

It made headlines when the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu chose to work with Salman Khan in Tubelight. However, the actress surprised everyone by choosing not to promote her Indian film.

So what exactly is the problem?

Is it because the movie has not done well at the box-office?

Bollywood insiders say that Zhu Zhu is currently working on a prominent Chinese production and it was just impossible for her to take time off to promote Tubelight in India.

However, there are some who have a different answer, considering the fact that the Chinese actress been conspicuous by her absence right from the beginning, be it for Tubelight’s pre-release promotions and post-release bashes.


It seems the Chinese government had requested the actress to maintain a distance from the film, as they were sceptical about the way the 1962 Sino-Indian War was portrayed in the Kabir Khan film.

Usually the China Film Group Corporation (CFGC) approves all Indo-Chinese associations. However, somehow Zhu Zhu got associated with this project even though CGFC had not approved the project. Now that the CFGC is aware of the theme of the film, and considering the fact that relations between the two countries during the 1960s were strained, the CFGC wants to maintain distance from the film.

Considering the film’s box office debacle in India, the production house would have loved to capitalise on Zhu Zhu’s popularity in China. However, CFGC may not allow Tubelight’s release in China due to the same reason. Besides, China’s import quota system allows only 34 foreign titles a year.

The production house has approached the CFGC, but Tubelight’s release in China hasn’t been approved yet.