Who’s the Real King Khan of Bollywood? Aamir, SRK or Salman?

Although SRK is widely acknowledged as the King Khan in Bollywood, the box office records suggest that the ‘Undisputed King’ of Indian Cinema is a different Khan.

For a long time, SRK was the real king of Bollywood. That equation changed after Salman did ‘Wanted’.

And while you talk about these two Khans for most part of the year, Aamir Khan’s movie releases in December and you wonder who’s the real Khan of Bollywood.

Salman Khan: The Most ‘Wanted’ Khan

With the stupendous success of Sultan, Salman Khan has once again proven that he’s a bigger star than Shahrukh when it comes to box office numbers. Salman Khan has the highest number of films in the coveted 100 Crore club. Sultan was the second film for Salman Khan in the 300 crore club. Earlier, Salman’s Bajarangi Bhaijan fell just short of PK’s all time record.

Watch: Bajrangi Bhaijaan Trailer (Salman seems to have gotten better at selecting the right scripts, and also is working with the right set of people)


Aamir Khan: The ‘Real’ Khan of Bollywood?

In Bollywood, you cannot be sure which film is the best film of the year, until December. Because that is when Aamir releases most of his film.

And while there are other actors who’re happy doing several films in a year, Aamir sticks to one, and he ensures it counts!

This time also, Aamir has killed it with Dangal.

Although the demonetization drive will have some impact on its box office collection, there’s no doubt that the film is a masterpiece, and perhaps the best sports based movie.

Dangal is clearly Aamir Khan’s film, and the movie probably may not have seen the light of the day (as was in the case of Lagaan) had Aamir not given his go-ahead to the movie. Unlike the other Khans, Aamir is happy to stand aside and let the film (and his co-stars) do the talking.

Watch: SRK in Don 2 (You no longer see the menacing SRK in movies, and the audience probably thinks he’s too old now to do romantic films now)

Aamir Khan: Quality over Quantity

Although Aamir Khan does very few films, he seems to be beating them all (including Shah Rukh and Salman Khan) every few years.

First it started with the movie ‘Ghajini’ in the year 2008, when the Aamir Khan starrer film became the first Bollywood film to cross Rs 100 crore (Rs 190-crore lifetime collection). Post that, there were a few other movies that managed to cross the 100 crore mark in domestic collections.

He repeated the feat again in 2009, but this time his movie ‘3 Idiots’ became the first Bollywood movie to cross Rs 200 crore (lifetime collection Rs 202 crore) in the domestic market. Again, there were a few movies that managed to cross 200 crores after ‘3 Idiots’ achieved that milestone.

But guess what, the perfectionist managed to repeat the feat of breaking records once more with his latest movie PK. Aamir Khan’s PK is now the first Bollywood movie to collect more than Rs 300 crore in domestic collections.

Watch:PK trailer

And its the only Bollywood movie to have achieved that feat, as of now!

Now, who’s the Real King Khan of Bollywood? What do you guys have to say?



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